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Financial Advisory Focused On Long-Term Value Creation.


About Us

We are an independent Portuguese financial advisory company in the areas of Corporate Finance and Investment Advisory, focused on creating long-term value for our clients.


Beresford Capital was founded by former partners of Bluemint Capital in order to continue financial advisory and investment management activities, while Bluemint's activity is limited to the management of shareholdings.


M&A Advisory

There are many reasons to divest, merge or acquire a business and we know from experience that all our client engagements offer their own unique challenges, but our singular focus will always be to maximize the value you can obtain, both economically and strategically, at the correct timing. With our multi-disciplinary team at your disposal, our approach is intended to support you not just today, but long into the future.

Corporate Finance

We measure our performance by the long-term success of our clients.Bluemint Capital helps clients improve ongoing performance, optimize their transaction and investment strategies, and enhance fundamental company value. Whether a company is contemplating a transaction, allocating capital, addressing profitability and liquidity issues, or weighing alternative growth strategies, we provide advice and management tools based on a rigorous value creation perspective.


Fund Raising

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with private HNW investors, family offices and institutional investors both nationally and internationally, allowing us to quickly and efficiently find the right type of capital for your company’s fundraising needs.

Whether it be to finance growth, a financial restructuring, an MBO or an MBI, we will sit down with you to evaluate not only what type of financing will be most suitable but also to identify your optimal future investment base – one that will protect the interests of current stakeholders for the long term.

Private Equity Management

PEM – we like to call it reverse private equity.Instead of going the traditional private equity route of raising capital with limited partners and deploying it following a specific investment thesis, our way of operating is designed to rapidly take advantage of identified market opportunities and develop tailor made projects, through a full scope approach with top tier services in different business areas, catering to the specific investors’ needs.


As such, each project we undertake with a single investor becomes its own unique vehicle.

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