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We seek to inspire and develop your career.

Be part of the Beresford team.


Personal Development

We want everyone who joins Beresford to benefit from a period of acceleration in their personal and professional development, which is driven by close customer relationships, the opportunity to work at various strategic levels, the high degree of personal responsibility and the lack of of internal competition, which allows us to focus on providing financial advisory services at the highest level.

Whether our people want to progress to a Partner position or have other ambitions, we are committed to accelerating their career path.

What we are looking for:

We look for two groups of qualities that are essential to us: dedication, persistence and the ability to “think outside the box” since the professional situations in which we are involved are highly demanding; and the ability to be adaptable and create flexible and personalized solutions, which is essential for us to create and maintain our relationships with customers.


Candidates with the right profile will have made important contributions and created value in their previous positions. It is also important for us to find objective values such as academic excellence and exposure to different phases of projects, from planning to project execution and creation of change, as well as relevant professional experience in the area of Corporate Finance.


Interested in a career with
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